part number: XJSLEAPER
Spring loaded leaper for the XJS. Tired of the badge on the bonnet? Install one of our spring loaded...More
part number: SMCAT
Small fixed base leaping cat hood ornament. Fits XJ6 (1969-1987). Also, this leaper can be used on X...More
part number: SMCATG
Small fixed base leaping cat hood ornament in gold. Fits XJ6 (1969-1987). Also, this leaper can be u...More
part number: FMSXJSSS
Stainless steel fender molding for the XJS. Set includes 4 fender moldings. ONLY fits XJS up to 1992...More
part number: XR836921LEG
Black And Chrome "R" style shift knob. Fits XJ6 1988-1997, XJS 1988-1996 (with single knob shifter)...More
part number: JAG164
Walnut shift knob with gold band and catface XJ6 1988-1997, XJS 1988-1996 (With Single Knob Shifter)...More
part number: CBC9563LEG
XJ6 (1988-1997), XJS (1992 & up) and XJ8 (1998-2003) black leather shift knob with chrome trim r...More
part number: BD36077
XJ6 (1969-1979) and XJS (1975-1980)
part number: BCC3671G
"XJS" gold trunk / boot motif (1986-1996).
part number: BEC22057
XJS (1992-1996, from VIN# 179737) "XJS" trunk badge.
part number: BAC2867
XJS V12 "XJS" trunk motif. Fits 1982-1991 V12 models.
part number: DCL1155
Frigidaire A/C compressor decal. Fits Jaguars from 1971-1982.
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