Upper Shock Mount - Urethane - XK8
Upper Shock Mount - Urethane - XK8
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$75.95 each
Part description:
XK8 upper shock mount. Upgraded for optimum performance. This is a complete mount with new upgraded bushings. The bushing is an upgrade to the factory bushing, which is very spongy, and will degrade over time. As the factory bushing wears, the vehicle performance is negatively impacted and you may experience suspension instability, vibration, and clatter.

The upgrade bushing kit is not available through Jaguar, so you must select a reliable aftermarket parts specialist to buy the urethane upgrade from. All bushing upgrades are not created equal, and may not perform as expected.

Upgrade to the Welsh Upper Shock Mount Assembly with urethane bushings today and ensure vehicle peak performance:

- Easy Installation
- Higher load-bearing capacity
- Greater tear strength
- Better compression set
- Greater abrasion resistance
- Tolerant to greases, oils and ozone

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