S-Type Mesh Grille Kit - (2000-2004)
S-Type Mesh Grille Kit - (2000-2004)
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$399.95 kit
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Mesh Grille Kit for S-Type 2000-2004 Up To VIN M86667. This kit includes a complete upper mesh grille (mesh and chrome surround) and a lower mesh grille. Both mesh grilles are made from chrome plated stainless steel and are built to withstand all weather conditions. Includes a new grille badge.

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Welsh Grille Quality

Welsh Enterprises takes pride in our chrome plated stainless steel mesh grilles. Our products are manufactured to stand up to all conditions. Our company was one of the first to manufacture Jaguar mesh grilles and were doing so before Jaguar. In fact, we supply many Jaguar dealers around the globe with our products

Other grilles on the market are old plastic grilles with the veins cut out and a piece of mesh glued to it. This is not ideal for long term use and will eventually come part (most likely while on the freeway). Also, be aware of companies that require you to saw your old grille to use their product. Our products don't require any damaging modification to your current grille.

You can be sure our line of grilles are laser cut to exact specifications and welded together. They are not repurposed old grilles with a piece of mesh glued to them. We are the largest supplier of aftermarket Jaguar accessories and our prices can't be beat!

Our Grille (welded)

Other Grille (glued)

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