Miniature Jaguar Dealer Booklet

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Miniature Jaguar Dealer Booklet. Produced in 1946 during the paper shortage following WWII, this rare booklet is in very good condition for it's age. Features beautifully embossed "JAGUAR" text on the front cover, a delicate semi-transparent interior paper and color photos along with extensive specifications of 1 � litre, 2 � litre and 3 � litre Jaguar Saloon models. Recently acquired in a buy-out, only 1 available.

The first page offers the following explanation as to why it is so small in size:

"SEVERE restrictions on the use of paper have rendered it impossible for us to produce a full-sized catalogue in sufficient quantities to meet public demand for details of the new Jaguar. Therefore, this miniature catalogue has been produced in order to give the greatest amount of information to the largest possible number of people, and in this tiny volume will be found all the particulars normally presented in a catalogue ten times its size."

Dealer sticker on the back cover states it was distributed by FERGUS MOTORS in New York. Measures approx. 98mm width x 69mm height


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