• Jaguar E-Type Series II Rubber Kit
Item #: RKS-2C
Our Price: $495.95


E-Type Series II Coupe (1969-1971) rubber kit. Includes the following components:

2x C19506 - Battery top rubber insert
3x 8656 - Wiper shaft grommet
4x BD35732/3 - Side marker seals
2x SB11 - Fuel lid buffer
1x BD25898 - RH Shut post seal
1x BD25899 - LH Shut post seal
4x BD17071-2 - Quarter glass post T-rubber
1x BD25716 - RH A-post seal
1x BD25717 - LH A-post seal
24ft. BD40612 - Luggage board rubber
2x BD24789 - Sill Seal
1x BD39577 - Rear bumper seal
2x BD15466 - Windshield / Back glass lock cord seal
1x BD23347 - Hatch seal pair
1x M53 - Mud shield rubber
1x C18906 - Fuel tank pad
1x C20488 - Steering column bellows
2x BD35729/30 - Headlight seal
1x BD20903 - Cowl seal
2x BD20500 - Quarter glass seal
1x BD20499 - Windshield seal
1x BD20309 - Back glass seal
13ft. BD28209 - Window channel felt
62in. BD18947BULK - Bumper seal
8x BD209 - Overrider seal
2x BD200103 - Inner window felt
1x BD16700 - Outer window wipe pair
4x BD155885 7/8" Floor pan plug
2x BD19936 - Bonnet buffer peg
1x BD27500 - Inner shift boot
1x BD38155 - RH taillight to body seal
1x BD38156 - LH taillight to body seal
1x BD39113 - Heater box seal
2x 8598 - Headlight bucket seal
1x 11719 - RH turn signal seal
1x 11722 - LH turn signal seal
4x 54579306 - Side marker seal
2x CB75 - Brake/Clutch pedal pad
74in. BD21964 - Door frame T-Rubber

  • E-Type - S2 - FHC (1969-1971)
  • E-Type - S2 - Roadster (1969-1971)

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