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ZTool Open Spanner

  • Item #C4594

Tool Open Spanner, 3/4 X 7/8 "

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9/16 x 5/8 Spanner

  • Item #C4595

9/16" x 5/8" spanner.

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Open Spanner Tool - 11/32X3

  • Item #C4638

Jaguar Open Spanner Tool - 11/32X3

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Spanner Adjustment Wrench E1 E2

  • Item #C4651R

Gedore adjustable spanner 4? No91 for E1 E2 toolkits. German-made in original packaging.

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  • Item #C4928

Jack hole plug.

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Jack Strap - XK140 XK150 MK7 MK9

  • Item #C5217

XK140, XK150, MK7, MK9 jack strap.

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Lucas Points Adjuster Tool

  • Item #C5444

Lucas points adjuster tool.

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Tool Roll Bag

  • Item #C5578

Tool Roll Bag, 16 pockets. Black.

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Feeler Gauge

  • Item #C5587
  • C5587 ⇄ C5587

Feeler gauge

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Gauge Feeler Most Models

  • Item #C5587R

Gauge Feeler Most Models, <74Plastic

Special Order

Grease Gun (Early XK120)

  • Item #C991U

This is a USED item. Please contact us at 800-875-5247 or email with any questions. Grease Gun,Early XK120, Tecalemit Plastigun


Thor KnockOff Hammer - CLASSIC STYLE

  • Item #C992
  • C992 ⇄ 8059

Thor No. 2 knockoff hammer CLASSIC STYLE. This version of the hammers includes the period-correct Thor logo and information on the head of the hammer. Please see the photos for more information.

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