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Wheel Motif Retainer

  • Item #C22583

XJ6 (1969-1979) wheel motif retainer.

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Ball Joint Gaiter Retainer Clip

  • Item #C22969

Ball joint gaiter retainer Clip

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Wheel Stud

  • Item #C27779

Stud Hub Steel Wheel Ft

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Hexagonal Brass Knock-Off Tool

  • Item #C28687

Brass Knockoff Tool For Hexagonal Knockoffs

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Chrome Hubcap - Small

  • Item #C30283
  • C30283 > C30283

Small chrome hubcap for XJ6/XJ12 (1970-1979) & V12 E-Type (1971-1974).

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Hubcap Chrome Small XJ1 XJ2

  • Item #C30283U

This is a USED item. Please contact us at 800-875-5247 or email with any questions.Hubcap Chrome Small XJ1, XJ2, XJ369 >80 Used


Wheel Lug Nut

  • Item #C3041

Nut Lug Under Hubcap, Disc Wheel

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Wheel Lug Nut - *(USED)*

  • Item #C3041U

This is a USED item. Please contact us at 800-875-5247 or email with any questions.Nut Lug Under Hubcap Steel Wheel "Used"Suitable For420 SaloonDaimler 2.5 V8 / V8 250Daimler HearseDaimler LimousineDaimler SovereignDaimler Sovereign S1E-Type S2 2+2E-Type S2 4.2E-Type S3 V12 2+2E-Type S3 V12 RoadsterMk I / Mk 1 3.4Mk II / Mk 2 2.4 & 240Mk II / Mk 2 3.4, 3.8 & 340Mk IX / Mk 9Mk V / Mk 5Mk VII / Mk 7Mk X / Mk 10 3.8Mk X / Mk 10 4.2S-Type 3.4, 3.8XJ12 S1XJ6 S1XJ6 S2 / Daimler Sovereign S2XJ6 S3XK 120XK 140XK 150 / XK 150 S


Wire Wheel Spoke Nipple

  • Item #C37427

Nipple W/Wheel Ev12, Spoke Nipple

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Thor KnockOff Hammer - CLASSIC STYLE

  • Item #C992
  • C992 > 8059

Thor No. 2 knockoff hammer CLASSIC STYLE. This version of the hammers includes the period-correct Thor logo and information on the head of the hammer. Please see the photos for more information.

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Dayton Wire Wheel - 5" Tubeless

  • Item #D472

Dayton Wire Wheel - 5" Tubeless - Smooth Hub PLEASE NOTE: Very Limited Quantities Available

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