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Cap Heritage

  • Item #ACC3002B

Cap Heritage, No Cat On Underside

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Purse Key-chain

  • Item #ACC3008

Jaguar purse keychain with jewels.

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Black Xk8 Mug

  • Item #ACC702

Black ceramic XK8 mug

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Welsh Ceramic Mug Green

  • Item #ACC833

Ceramic coffee mug with Welsh Enterprises info engraved on one side and a XK120 illustration engraved on the other side.

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Heart Shaped Key-chain

  • Item #ACC838

Heart shaped Jaguar keychain.

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Shift Knob

  • Item #C16154

Shift Knob

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Knob Shift 3.8E MK2 XK150 Late (USED)

  • Item #C16154U


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E-Type 50th Anniversary Book

  • Item #E50BOOK

Specially commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the E-Type, this book includes previously unseen photos and documents along with interviews with Sir Stirling Moss, Martin Bundle, Jay Leno and Sir Jackie Stewart along with newly commissioned photography celebrating the icon that is the Jaguar E-Type. This book should be on every E-Type owners bookcase.

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E-Type VIP 50th Anniversary Book *Limited Edition*

  • Item #E50BOOKVIP

E-Type VIP 50th Anniversary Book *Limited Edition*


E-Type 6 Cylinder Originality Guide


This book on Jaguar E-type originality is based on research spanning almost five decades. This book includes extensive new information from an exhaustive four-year examination of Dr. Mueller''''''''s collection of over fifty E-types. As such, the book is archaeological in nature, based more on observations of cars than on factory publications or other literature. The examination of principally unrestored cars, many partly or completely disassembled and still retaining their original configuration, permitted the discovery of much detailed information not reported before. The large volume of data used in the compilation of this work permitted statistical analysis of production changes that would be impossible with a smaller data-set. It significantly advances the understanding of the original configuration of these remarkable cars. This is a must-own book if you are restoring, plan on restoring, or are a huge fan of the E-Type. Do not pass up your chance to own this great publication.

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Connolly Leather Care Conditioner

  • Item #HIDEFOOD

Hide Care conditioner from Connolly, maker of the finest leather products on the market. An absolute necessity for maintaining your Jaguar's leather interior.For preserving Connolly hide upholstery, leather goods and clothing. Made in England. 284ml

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Leaping Cat Keychain

  • Item #JAG4273

Leaping cat keychain. 2.5" long.

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