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Wheel Spat Lock Removal Tool

  • Item #2072

Wheel spat lock removal tool. Used with XK120, XK140, and various sedans.

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Wheel Spat Lock Removal Tool - (USED)

  • Item #2072U

Wheel Spat Lock Removal Tool - (USED)

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Sedan Tool Case - NOS

  • Item #BD29876

Jaguar NOS tool case. The case is plastic comes in original Jaguar Daimler packaging.

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Tyre Lever / Pry Bar

  • Item #C1001

Jaguar Tyre Levers / Pry Bars

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King Dick Triangle Jack - (USED)

  • Item #C10659

Original used King Dick triangle jack.Original used King Dick triangle jack. Jack is 21” tall and lift arm is 8 inches long by 1.125 inch wide/tall. Jack features “King Dick Made In England Pat No. 625500” stamped in the middle of the base. Multiple jacks are available, and photos serve as representation of condition of the jacks. Jacks are operational but we do not suggest jacking your car using this jack. Please call 1-800-875-5247 or email for more information regarding this jack and other original jacks we have available for sale.

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PCL Tyre Pressure Gauge

  • Item #C11753
  • C11753 ⇄ C11753W

Vintage PCL Tyre Pressure Gauge - Made in England by Pneumatic Components Ltd

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Grease Gun Small (Tecalemit)

  • Item #C13269

Gun Grease Small GC3020, Tecalemit

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Tin Bleed Dunlop

  • Item #C13620
  • C13620 ⇄ C13620

Tin Bleed Dunlop

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Belt Fan Grooved MK2 3.8S

  • Item #C19525
  • C19525 ⇄ C19525

Belt Fan Grooved MK2 3.8S

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Tool Kit Screwdriver - Reproduction

  • Item #C20482R

Jaguar replacement screwdriver tool kit.

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Shim Valve Adjust .116

  • Item #C2243116

Shim Valve Adjust .116

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Hexagonal Brass Knock-Off Tool

  • Item #C28687

Brass Knockoff Tool For Hexagonal Knockoffs

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