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Clutch Kit

  • Item #105829801501

Transmission Clutch Kit XF 97-03 XK8 98-03 XJ8

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Wheel Bearing Removal Tool

  • Item #206066A

Wheel bearing removal tool

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Camshaft Valve Setting Tool

  • Item #303530

Camshaft valve setting tool for your XJ8 or XK8. Properly align your camshafts with this great tool.

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Crankshaft Setting Tool

  • Item #303531

Crankshaft setting tool for the V8 engine This tool allows you to properly align the crankshaft while changing timing chains.

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V8 Timing Chain Tensioner Tool

  • Item #303532

Timing chain tensioning tool

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Primary Timing Chain Wedge - PAIR

  • Item #303533

Primary timing change wedge. "The factory version does not fit both models."

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Valve Timing Tool

  • Item #303654

Variable Valve Timing Tool

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Connector 4-Way

  • Item #4WAY

4-Way Connector, Used in multiple applications

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Self-Tapping Screw

  • Item #AB608031J

Screw Self Tap Hood Insu, XJ3

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Screw Black XJS XJ40

  • Item #AC608044J
  • AC608041J ⇄ AC608044J

Screw Black XJS XJ40, Multi Purpose

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Cap Heritage

  • Item #ACC3002B

Cap Heritage, No Cat On Underside

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Purse Key-chain

  • Item #ACC3008

Jaguar purse keychain with jewels.

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