BSA sold Daimler to Jaguar in 1960. Development of Daimler cars continued, but some "Daimler-ised" Jaguars were introduced as well.

1962-1968 Daimler 2.5 V8 and V8-250

1966-1969 Daimler Sovereign 1966–1969

1986–1992 Daimler XJ40 new car and new engine as prescribed by British Leyland, the 1986 XJ40 Jaguar body could not accept Jaguar's V12 engine

1992–1994 Daimler Majestic XJ340 wheelbase extended 5 inches (130 mm); 3.2- and 4-litre engines

1992–1994 Daimler Majestic Double-Six XJ381 6-litre engine. Intended to take 75% of group V12 sales

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