The early Jaguar XK cars included the XK120, XK140, and XK150. Each has unique features and advancements in the XK design by Jaguar.

The XK120 went into production in 1950. Most of the XK120 cars were exported to the United States. The XK120 was in high demand for racing and became the preferred car by stars and drivers. Only a little over 200 aluminium bodied cars were produced and are today the most valuable of the XK120s.

The XK140 was introduced in 1954. The XK140 looked very similar to the XK120 but incorporated many changes both on the exterior and in performance. As with the XK120, the XK140SE (or XK140MC in the US) offered upgraded performance with a C-type head (210hp), wire wheels, fog lights, twin tailpipe exhaust.

In 1957, Jaguar introduced the XK150 which was very different from the prior models. The lines of the car were straightened and the windshield was a curved single piece. Mechanically, Jaguar pioneered the disc brakes at Le Mans since 1954 and incorporated them into the XK150 design. The XK150 was originally offered only as a FHC or DHC, but a roadster model was available later in 1958.

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