Operators Manual for 1973 E-Type V12 Roadster, USA Spec, Pub No. A.173/2

1973 E-Type V12 Roadster operators manual, U.S.A. specifications, Publication No. A.173/2. Comes with a U.S.A. Vehicle Safety Regulations fold-out card. Both are in excellent condition.

About the A.173 1973 E-Type V12 manual:
For 1973 USA MY cars a special USA only edition of V12 E-Type Handbook was published, with yellow print on a crimson cover issue/edition numbers A.173/1 and A.173/2 with the A. prefix denoting America version. The cover includes “U.S.A. Specification” wording.

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E-Type - S3 V12 - 2 + 2 (1971-1973)
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