Gearbox Conversion for E-Type, 5-Speed

Jaguar Five Speed Gearbox Conversion- E-Type NOT FOR 2+2

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Finally, Welsh Enterprises has an answer to your antiquated Moss non-syncro gearbox or your 4 speed syncro box that can be installed with a minimum of modification to your car.

We now offer a fully synchronized 5 speed overdrive gearbox based on the Cosworth designed MT75 in a specially designed case. This will improve the drivability of your Jaguar. Exclusively from Welsh Enterprises, this new transmission installs with only minor modification, comes with most installation parts, utilizes your original bellhousing. 

KIT INCLUDES: Complete gearbox, Complete gear linkage, Reverse light switch, Speedometer cable assembly, Rear chassis mounting kit, Clutch plate (organic), Bellhousing mounting studs x 8 (7/16"UNF).  Note: Propshaft not included, your prop shaft will need altered to work with our gearbox. 
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E-Type - S1 3.8 - Roadster (1961-1964)
E-Type - S1 3.8 - FHC (1961-1964)
E-Type - S1 4.2 - FHC (1964-1968)
E-Type - S1 4.2 - Roadster (1964-1968)
E-Type - S1.5 - Roadster (1968-1969)
E-Type - S1.5 - FHC (1968-1969)
E-Type - S2 - FHC (1969-1971)
E-Type - S2 - Roadster (1969-1971)